This addon controls Xiaomi Yeelight from Kodi. It is possible to set addon to turn on/off light(s) on video start, stop or pause. Also you can specify whether to turn it on/off immediately or smoothly and specify time in which to perform the transition (is smooth transition specified). You can also specify light color for all operation(s) individually as well as light intensity in percent.

If option is stop (video stopped), you can set to return to previous state (if it was on it will return to on if it was off it will return to off).

Advanced features allow you to specify time-frame i.e. turn lights on/off only between 10pm and 7am, and you can also disable light activation/deactivation for videos shorter than specified time.

You can set up to 8 YeeLights, and each can be set and controlled individually, i.e. different operation, color and intensity.

There is also Ambi option, so 1 or more Yeelights can be used as ambi lights during video play.

You need to configure the addon: First set up how many Yeelights you have (1-4). Then set IP address for each Yeelight. Finally, set actions and options (color, transition, effect, brightness) for play, pause and stop.

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