This is a mod of very popular Mimic skin for Kodi Jarvis v.16x. Something I liked on Xconfluence skin is the raindrops effect - so I added it to Mimic. I also added buttons for direct subtitle offset and button for turning the subtitles on/off, because I use it a lot and it seemed more convenient to have it available on OSD screen instead of having to go to the OSD and the dialog I also removed lines that caused errors if you don't have Extendef info addon installed.

- Added button on video OSD screen, to set subtitle offset.
- Added button on video OSD screen, to turn subtitles off/on.
- Added raindrop effect on main menu screen + option to turn on/off in settings
- Removed stuff in movie info which caused error when Extended Info addon is not installed

In order to install it, first install my REPO. Then install add-on, and configure it. This should work on all platforms.

Download repo
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